The Foundation You Need to Live your Best Life + Thrive

This course will help you build your confidence, replace self-limiting beliefs, and learn to have an abundance mindset. This is the foundation you need to thrive in business and in life!

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This course is your roadmap

to break free from self-limiting beliefs, conquer negative self-talk, and embrace a mindset that empowers you to achieve your dreams.

I have been mentoring women for over 15 years and what I have found is that most mentors and people skip this step. They want to dive in and they forget they need a solid foundation to succeed.

I love mentoring women in business and that is coming but FIRST let’s start here.

About Mindy

I’m a down-to-earth, small town, girl next door dedicated to empowering women to create their own success and unlock their full potential.

I created an online business 15 years ago because I was broke, depressed, unhealthy, and most of all hated being away from my son while I was working 50 hours per week.

I was able to build my business and quit my job within 1 year and made it my mission to help as many other moms as possible so they so they could create a business online, work from home, and be present with their family.

I have mentored thousands of others helping them to do just that and I am ready to help you!

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Are you ready to reframe your self limiting beliefs, learn to love yourself, shut down that inner mean girl voice, and start living your BEST LIFE?

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What will you gain from this course?

Empowerment: Gain the tools to silence your inner critic and boost your self-confidence.

Growth: Cultivate a resilient and growth-oriented mindset that fuels your success.

Practical Skills: Develop a solid morning routine, journal with purpose, and create healthy boundaries.

Goal Achievement: Learn the secrets to setting and 10x-ing your goals.

Dream Life: Craft the life you’ve always dreamed of while nurturing fulfilling relationships.

Spiritual Connection: Discover how spirituality can enhance your daily life and goals.

Prioritization: Learn to prioritize what truly matters to you.

Confidence: Build unshakable self-belief and belief in your unique abilities.

What you will get in this course?

8 self paced modules that go DEEP into each topic on mindset, self love, affirmations, goal setting and achieving, creating your dream life, and MORE


Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs




Rituals & Routines


Victor vs Victim


Abundance Mindset


Finding Your Purpose




Hyper Focus Goals & Visualization


5 Bonus Lessons + 2 LIVE Q&A Calls

Course Features:


Engage with video lessons, interactive exercises, and downloadable resources. Also, you will get a private podcast feed in case you would rather listen to this course


Get access to our voxer community with others going through the course

Live Q&A

If you decided to add on the BONUS you will get your questions answered in 2 LIVE Q&A Calls

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to course materials.

Pricing & Enrollment:

Course Price: $247
Bonus Offer: Get 5 additional Lessons + 2 Live Q&A Calls for $49


Mindy’s Achievements

When you join my team, you are joining a 5 time elite team of over 50,000. Here’s more about what I’ve accomplished with BODi. If I can do it, I know you can too!

  • Rapidly climbed to the top 1% of the company I partnered with in just one year

  • I’ve been invited multiple times to speak and provide training, including sessions for the company’s senior leadership, the National Wake-Up Call.

  • Was asked to be a main stage or a keynote speaker on the topic of mindset belief and integrity where I spoke in front of and train 25,000 people.

  • Achieved the highest possible rank within the company in just two years.

  • Consistently ranked in the top 1% of the company for more than half of my career tenure.

  • Secured a place among the top 15 BODi Partners in the network on over five separate occasions.

  • And I have a team of over 50,000 partners

Mindy Wender smiling into camera with arm perched on knee

This can happen for you too!

The Path To Your Goal


Step 1 - Join Foundation

Enroll below and in minutes you’ll get an email will your login details.


Step 2 - Dive In and Take Action

Dive into the content and take action. Can’t start right away? It’s okay, you have lifetime access to the course.


Step 3 - Reach Your Goal

Finally feel confident and believe in YOU. From reframing your beliefs to this shifting your mindset, you’ll learn everything you need to succeed.

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back any longer.

Join us on this transformational journey and unlock your true potential. Enroll now!


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✔️ Lifetime access
✔️ 8 self paced modules
✔️ Discord Community Support
✔️ VIP early access to Hyper Focus Digital Course

Bonus Offer

✔️2 LIVE Q&A Calls with Mindy
✔️5 BONUS Modules

That’s an added value of $200+ for only $49!

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