how to change your perspective

How To Change Your Perspective

A Night to Remember: The Fire That Changed Our Lives

Today, I want to share a deeply personal story with you: a life-altering event that my family and I experienced on December 1st, 2022. It was a night that tested our strength, our faith, and our perspective on life. I’ll tell the story of the fire, along with how to change your perspective, even when life-altering events like this happen.

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The Night of the Fire

It was an ordinary night until my husband, Joey, woke up to an unusual smell. He decided to investigate and found smoke in our son Hudson’s room. The fear that gripped us was indescribable, but relief washed over us when Hudson woke up and responded to Joey. Joey quickly instructed me to grab Hudson and evacuate the house while he checked on our other children.

I rushed to wake up our daughter Lilly, who has autism and explained the urgency of the situation. Carrying both Hudson and Lilly downstairs, I was blinded by the smoke. 

Joey joined us, and we managed to get all our children safely outside and into the car. I then went back inside to rescue our pets, including our beloved cat. 

Eventually, the entire family was out of the house, watching as our home went up in flames.

house fire bedroom

Gratitude Amidst the Flames

Despite the terrifying ordeal, I felt an overwhelming gratitude to God for sparing our lives and protecting my family. Our children, despite losing all their belongings and being left with only the clothes on their backs, immediately started praising and thanking God for their survival. 

They held hands and prayed, expressing gratitude for our family’s safety and also praying for the firefighters and their families.

house fire stairs

The Power of Perspective

This experience made me reflect on the importance of developing a positive perspective in life, even in the face of struggles and hardships. I believe that changing our perspective can change our lives. 

To have a healthy perspective, I suggest being flexible, logical, and realistic. It should also support our well-being and not harm us.

I want to clarify that I am not promoting toxic positivity. I acknowledge that everyone’s experiences and problems are real.

What I want to help people develop is a perspective that serves their happiness. I encourage listeners to detach negative emotions from events or situations and avoid developing a victim mentality.’

Changing Perspectives, Changing Lives

Perspectives can significantly impact our lives. For instance, body dysmorphia and negative beliefs about others can stem from a distorted perspective. We have the power to change ourselves and build our confidence through self-awareness.

One tool I suggest for gaining perspective and changing our beliefs is journaling. It allows us to be open to seeing things from different perspectives and to be flexible in our thinking. Identifying our future selves and visualizing how our lives would look with a new perspective can also be transformative.

Monitoring our thoughts and being mindful of our inner voice is crucial. Remember, life is happening for us, not to us. We can flip our perspective on challenging situations and see them as opportunities for growth.

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Final Thoughts

I want to express my gratitude to all my readers. Your support means the world to me. I invite you to connect with me on social media and share your thoughts on this episode. Remember, our perspective shapes our reality. Let’s strive to cultivate a perspective that serves our happiness and well-being.

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