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Fitness Over 40 – Adaptation and Growth

Inside: Learn the ins and outs of fitness over 40 and how you can still thrive. Keep reading to learn about the small changes you can make to stay physically and mentally fit throughout your 40s and beyond!

Fitness Over 40: Adaptation and Growth

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Before we dive into the details, I wanted to let you know that you can also listen to my podcast episode “Being Fit Over 40 Conversation with My Bestie Tara Bialek” if you would rather listen!

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A Journey to Fitness Over 40

I’m thrilled to share insights from my best friend and fitness enthusiast, Tara Bialek, to dive deep into the topic of fitness over 40.

Tara’s journey into the world of fitness is something a lot of us can connect with, and it’s honestly pretty inspiring. 

Like many, she faced the dreaded “freshman 40” – a stark contrast to her active high school athlete days. 

But instead of letting it get her down, Tara started to explore fitness in her way. She chose walking, but not just any walking – she did her walks at night. 

Kinda cool, right? 

It was her way of stepping back into the fitness world, driven by this strong desire to get her health and confidence back. And guess what? It worked wonders! 

She got so into it that it actually led her to study nutrition. That’s how our paths crossed and sparked this awesome friendship based on our love for fitness and health.

Small Steps Make Big Results

Now, about Tara’s fitness routine. It began with something as simple as walking, which really shows you don’t need to start big. 

Walking was her first step, literally. 

But as time went on, she began to up her game. She added kickboxing and weight training into her routine, and slowly but surely, that inner athlete started to come out in her again. 

We’ve both been through some pretty intense workout programs, like P90X and Insanity Max 30 while partnering up with Beachbody. 

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It’s been amazing watching Tara evolve from those initial, humble steps of walking to becoming a true fitness enthusiast and influencer. 

It just goes to show that starting small can lead to big changes!

Adapting Workouts for Fitness Over 40

Here’s the thing, though…as we all get a bit older, it’s like our bodies and what we want out of life start changing, right? 

Tara and I totally get that. We’ve realized it’s not about ditching those hardcore workouts altogether. It’s more about tweaking our exercise routines to match what we’re aiming for now. 

For Tara, this has meant mixing things up a bit. She balances those high-energy, high-impact activities with walking and weight lifting. She knows her limits and, most importantly, listens to what her body wants and needs.

It’s all about keeping fit without overdoing it and risking injury. 

We’re learning to listen to our bodies more and adapt – it’s all part of the journey!

Setting Goals That Grow with You

So, Tara and I had this chat about how our fitness goals really need to evolve as we do. It’s like, in her early 30s, she was all about hitting those high-performance marks and looking good – you know, the usual aesthetics game. 

But, as she’s stepped into her 40s, it’s like there’s been this cool shift in focus. 

Now, it’s not just about how we look or lifting the heaviest weights. It’s more about:

  • Longevity: We’re thinking long-term now. It’s all about staying active and fit for years to come.
  • Well-being: Feeling great is the new goal. It’s not just physical fitness, but mental and emotional well-being too.
  • Injury Prevention: This is a biggie. We’re way more into staying injury-free than pushing our limits to the max.

We’ve realized that as our lives change, so do our bodies and needs. It’s about adapting and finding that sweet spot where we’re challenging ourselves but not going overboard. We’re looking for that balance, you know? 

Some other goals she strives for are:

  • Balance and Flexibility: It’s not all about strength. Keeping flexible and balanced is key as we age.
  • Functional Fitness: Focusing on exercises that help us with daily activities. Keeping it practical and useful.
  • Enjoyment: If you’re not having fun, what’s the point!? Finding joy in your fitness routine is crucial.

So, yeah, it’s pretty clear that fitness goals are on this journey with us, changing and growing as we do. It’s all about feeling good, staying healthy, and enjoying the ride!

Tailor Your Fitness to Your Body Type

Another thing to remember is that we’re all built a bit differently, right? So, what works for Tara might not work for you. This means that we should tweak our workouts to suit our own body types. It’s all about that personal touch.

For someone like me, mixing Pilates with some heavy lifting would work really well. 

Now, Pilates might not get all the hype, but let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. It’s fantastic for toning up those muscles, and it pairs super well with weight training. Who knew, right?

The key here is to find that sweet spot – workouts that are just right for your body. It’s like making a custom-fit suit; it just feels and works better when it’s made for you.

Key Takeaway With Fitness Over 40

Ultimately, the key takeaway is the pursuit of balance. Whether it’s lifting weights, spinning, or Pilates, finding what resonates with your body and goals is crucial. Fitness over 40 isn’t about pushing to extremes; it’s about nurturing your body and celebrating its capabilities.

Final Thoughts: Fitness Over 40 – Adaptation and Growth

As we wrap up, I want it to be clear that fitness is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. Tara and I invite you to join us in embracing the changes that come with age and find joy in workouts that not only challenge us but also protect and honor our bodies!

Remember, it’s never too late to start, and it’s always the right time to adapt. Here’s to feeling great and thriving at any age!

Oh, and if you want to join my virtual fitness community, I would love to chat more! You can learn all about it HERE

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