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Natural Fever Remedies

Natural Fever Remedies

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It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster in my household recently, and my daughter Lilly has been put through the wringer over the past five days. She’s been dealing with a fever that had me pacing the floors. But guess what? We managed it all without a single doctor’s visit or using any antibiotics or medications.

Yep, you heard it right! And that got me thinking—how many people out there know about natural fever remedies or have tried fever treatment at home? I realized that not everyone has these tools in their back pocket after this happened. So, I decided to share all my natural remedies to reduce fevers.

And trust me, I completely get it. Fevers can be super scary, especially for us moms out there. In fact, there was a time when I would’ve reached for the Tylenol at the first sign of a temperature spike. But now? Not so much. I’ve found that there are actually smarter, safer, and more natural ways to reduce fever and help the body heal itself.

Sometimes Tylenol or other medications are NEEDED, but when you know better, you can do better. 

So, if you’re new to this whole “go natural first” lifestyle or even a seasoned pro, you’ll want to stick around for this one. I’m sharing all my tips and tricks for effective fever treatment at home that put your mind at ease. Are you ready? Let’s dive in!


First, let me give you a little background of where I started. I grew up being DEATHLY afraid of having a fever. When my sister had her daughter, I was always so afraid of the baby getting fevers. Of course, when I had my own children, I was one of those parents—thermometer always ready, a bottle of Tylenol practically attached to my hip. If those digits went up, so did my anxiety level. Sound familiar? 

But here’s the reality check: not all fevers are the end of the world! Sometimes, they’re the body’s natural way of fighting off nasty stuff. So before you break out of the Tylenol, consider some natural remedies that are amazing for fever treatment at home. I’ve found some awesome, gentle ways to reduce fever that you should know about. Trust me, your peace of mind (and your kid’s body) will thank you.


Alright, a little disclaimer before diving into the natural fever remedies: I’m not a doctor but a research junkie. I love digging into the whys and hows of things, especially regarding overall wellness. It’s my jam!

So, let’s demystify this whole fever thing. Fevers are actually your body’s red alert system saying, “Hey! The immune system is kicking in. I got this!” 

Illnesses are like uninvited party guests; they love to stick around when the environment is right for them. And for most germs, a normal body temp is the life of the party. So when a fever shows up, it’s like your body turning down the music and starting to sweep up. It’s actually doing its job, you guys!

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting. If you immediately go for fever-reducing medications—yeah, I’m talking Tylenol, Advil, the usual suspects—you’re essentially turning the music back up and telling those germs, “Party on! lol. You’re not just stopping the fever but also hitting the pause button on your body’s natural defense mechanism. If you ask me, it’s not the best move, especially when there are natural ways to reduce fever.

And hey, let’s chat about the elephant in the room—the long-term effects of these meds on your liver. You guys, the liver is like the unsung hero of our body, filtering out all kinds of stuff. Do we really want to burden it unnecessarily? I didn’t think so.

Okay, now let’s get into my go-to natural fever remedies!


So, first up on the list is to get lots of fluids in your body. Regular water is great, but I encourage you to elevate it a little. I’ll share how I do that below:

Add lemon:

Adding lemon essential oil or fresh lemon juice to your water is a game-changer. Lemons are known to help with fevers because they contain high levels of vitamin C and flavonoids. This helps reduce inflammation and boost immunity, which can help fight a fever!

Add electrolytes:

Why stop at lemons? Add some electrolytes to help your body regain what it’s losing during that fever. Electrolytes are important for maintaining the body’s pH and helping cells absorb fluids. When you have a fever and your body temperature rises, you sweat more than you realize. This causes you to lose water through your skin to keep you cool. If you don’t replace the lost water, you can become dehydrated! So, it’s super important to get those electrolytes in.

You can use pink Himalayan salt or a modern-day rehydrator like Liquid IV. The more hydrated you are, the quicker you’ll be able to reduce a fever naturally.

I recommend the Wild Foods Pink Salt brand for pink Himalayan salt.

And Liquid IV or LMNT for an electrolyte powder. Liquid IV is sweeter because it contains more sugar, while LMNT is saltier with less sugar. Your kiddos may enjoy the Liquid IV better because of the sweetness.

If you do use the pink salt or electrolyte powders, I recommend consulting with a doctor to make sure you aren’t giving TOO much salt intake.


Alright, so you probably know I swear by essential oils. And guess what? They’re not just for making your home smell like a spa. For fevers, I reach for LavenderLemonDoterra’s On GuardPeppermint, or Young Living’s Thieves. These oils have natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties that could help your body fight off that nasty infection. 

Apply Lavender, Lemon, and On Guard/Thieves often throughout the day. These oils will help fight the infection as well. I put them on the bottom of the feet and behind the ears. Also, dilute with fractionated coconut oil, especially when used on young children. Diffuse these in the air as well all day and night. I am not a rep, so feel free to use whatever brand you want. But below are some of the brands I like. If you want to use the same ones I have used, click on each name to order them.

Peppermint oil is the unsung hero when it comes to natural fever remedies. Not only does it smell amazing, but it can also cool down your body and alleviate those annoying aches and pains. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil and put on the back, back of the neck, and I even wet a washcloth and put some on there and then place it on the forehead. But let me warn you—keep it away from your eyes unless you’re into the teary-eyed look. A little goes a long way, trust me. If you want one of the brands I enjoy, you can click the name below to order:)

I know I mentioned it above, but it’s worth another mention. Dilute all of your essential oils when directly applying them to your kiddos! We don’t want to irritate their sensitive skin. Plus, too much can be dangerous.


Regarding nutritional powerhouses, bone broth, and honey take the cake. I call them my illness-fighting dynamic duo. 

Why Bone Broth

First up, let’s chat about bone broth. This is not your average store-bought chicken or beef broth; we’re talking about the real deal here. Bone broth is simmered for hours, sometimes even days, to extract all the nutrient-rich goodness from the bones. I’m talking about minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Plus, it’s packed with amino acids like glycine and proline that can do wonders for your gut health. What does this mean for you when you’re battling a fever? All these nutrients can help accelerate the healing process, making bone broth a top choice when you’re under the weather.

Why Honey

Next, let’s sweeten the deal with some honey? See what I did there 😉 But not just any honey—especially raw or manuka honey. Raw honey has been used for centuries for its natural antibacterial properties. And if you go for Manuka honey? Even better! It comes from the nectar of the Manuka tree and has a Unique Manuka Factor (UMF). This grading system measures its antibacterial strength. This means it can help fight off the bacteria causing that pesky fever or cold. Pretty cool, hey!?

So why combine these two? Because together, they’re like a mini natural pharmacy in your kitchen! Bone broth can replenish essential nutrients, while honey can work its antibacterial magic. You can either sip on warm bone broth and take a spoonful of honey separately or go for the ultimate healing cocktail—mix a tablespoon of honey into a cup of warm bone broth. Trust me, it’s like a warm hug for your immune system.

Now, if you’re wondering where to get the best bone broth or honey, I’ve got you covered. You can click the names below to order the ones I personally swear by. Because hey, if you’re going to do this, why not go for the best?

I also have an amazing chicken noodle soup where I use bone broth if you want to check that out!



Okay, let’s talk about the ultimate comfort when you’re under the weather—a warm bath. But not just any bath. Try adding Epsom salts or Apple Cider Vinegar. Trust me, this is your go-to when dealing with a fever or needing to de-stress.

Why Epsom Salt? 

Epsom salt isn’t just regular table salt; it’s a magnesium and sulfate mineral compound. Magnesium helps your body with more than 300 enzyme systems. It can seriously relax those aching muscles you get when you’re feverish. The sulfate part? Well, that helps with detoxification and can assist in drawing the fever out. So, an Epsom salt bath is a fantastic option when it comes to fever treatment at home.

Pro Tip: Before adding the Epsom salt to your bath, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil into the salt. This doesn’t just make your bathroom smell like a spa; lavender has calming properties that can help you relax even more. 

Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

Don’t overlook the power of apple cider vinegar, either. Apple cider vinegar can also help draw out a fever and detoxify your body. It’s slightly acidic, which can help rebalance your skin’s pH levels, making you feel more comfortable when you’re not 100%.

So, how do you use the two in a bath? Run a warm bath—not too hot, not too cold. Add about a cup of Epsom salt or apple cider vinegar. If you’re going the Epsom salt route, don’t forget to pre-mix your lavender essential oil for that extra touch of bliss. Then, all that’s left to do is slide in and soak away the fever and stress.

As always, check in with your healthcare provider for additional guidance on managing your or your kid’s symptoms.

You can grab my favorite Epsom salts for kids and apple cider vinegar below by clicking on the name!


Last but not least, let’s talk about probiotics and Vitamin D. These aren’t just for daily wellness; they’re also key players when you’re down with a fever. 

Why Probiotics? 

Probiotics can help balance your gut, where a lot of your immune activity occurs. Think of them as your inner army, keeping things stable and ready to fight off bugs. 

Why Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is like the security guard for your immune system. Consider adding these to your regimen for an extra boost in fighting off that fever. A little boost in Vitamin D can go a long way in helping your body fend off illnesses more effectively.

You can usually find probiotics in capsule form to take with meals to get these into your system. Vitamin D works best when taken with a bit of healthy fat.

If you’re looking for ways to reduce fever, adding probiotics and Vitamin D is like giving your immune system a mini-upgrade. If you’re curious, click below to grab my favorite brands.

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There you have it, my go-to guide for natural fever remedies. Remember, I’m not a doctor, so always consult a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. But hey, a little natural TLC never hurts. Keep living that healthy life, and let me know in the comments how these tips work for you!

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